About Me

I am a simple man with many interests. One of them is eating. To me, eating comes first, everything else comes second. When I am eating, I forget the presence and focus on the flavor in front of me. It is in that brief moment of life that gets me going everyday.

In growing up, I was fortunate to have a mother who likes to explore cooking. She would love to experiment on various styles of Vietnamese / Chinese cooking and add her flare to it. She would dabble with traditional Vietnamese Cuisine and come up with a mixture of ingredient that is outstanding. Her specialty would be the various types of Vietnamese Salad and Crap Soup.

Now with an open mind, I explore different type of simple food cooking and add my flare to it. It is no gourmet cooking, but it does taste good! I hope you will enjoy them too.

To me, "Food is just a method of transporting condiments...". A plain juicy steak is just a plain juicy steak. But what you surround it with is what makes it an amazing steak.
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